When is the correct time to prune Loropetalum shrubs. Mine bloom constantly and are amazing. I never know when to prune. Also have two loropetalum espalier on a cedar trellis that are huge and were solid pink flowers several times last year. When and how should this be pruned?

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If they require pruning it's probably the most common practice to prune them right after their first Spring blooming period. This way they can produce new growth that will fill in before the hotter Summer months, and then be able to produce more flower buds for later blooming in late Summer and Fall. The same would go for your Espalier. If you want to maintain the size and shape to your frame, then prune back to your wooden trellis anything that you don't want to grow away from it. This may mean selectively pruning your plant so that you remove only the largest branches and maintain the smaller ones that are easier to shape.

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