The leaves on the Indian Hawthorn bushes are turning crispy brown. The bushes are receiving enough water. In the row, 1/3 is okay, 1/3 have the brown leaves, and the other 1/3 died and had to be replaced last summer. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.

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There is nothing to be done with those that have died, but examine the proximity of those that have died, those that are showing symptoms and those that are OK. Determine if you can see a pattern, like are the dead ones on one end of the planting area and the OK ones on the other, or is this a random, patternless occurrence. Dig up the dead plants and examine the roots and stems looking for signs of root rot (brown, mushy roots and signs of a foul odor) or some other physical damage like the root ball is bone dry and hard. This might help you determine what's going on. If you spot a pattern in the damage then examine the site for drainage problems, gas leaks, underground plumbing problems. If you've found nothing on the dead plants and there is no pattern, then check the remaining plants for signs of other damage like animal damage (chewing on the main stems or digging from armadillos or burrowing rodents or dogs), physical damage from weed trimmer lines. You say that the plants are receiving enough water, but review this to be sure that they aren't receiving too much, and check to see of the water being applied is reaching the plants evenly and adequately. Finally, review any applications of weed killers this year and determine that if any were applied whether some may have been scattered into this area.

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Charlene BarbaraJune 21st, 2012 at 10:10 am

I think my bushes planted around my gas meter are dying. These are wax-leaf logustrums(?) so they are pretty hardy and get plenty of water even though we live in Texas. I have noticed this over the last year… do you think there may be a gas leak that is compromising these plants. I don’t smell gas, but the dying foliage has me concerned. The leaves are yellow-spotted & then die and fall off. My husband thinks I’m a nut but I know there is something wrong.