Is it too late to apply a preemergent and fertilizer to my lawn? May both be applied at the same time? Also, when is it best to aerate my lawn, before or after I fertilize it? It is the first week of April and I live in Houston, TX.

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- It is probably too late to apply pre-emergents for Spring weed control since most Spring weed seeds have already germinated (April 5). Having said that, there may be some Summer weed seeds that haven't germinated. So you could apply that now. However it is not too late to fertilize, and you should feed your lawn three times a year with the next feeding due in May. Yes, you can do both at the same time, but not in the same spreader hopper. Apply them separately to assure complete coverage of both. Aerating can be done before you feed, and this will allow the fertilizer to penetrate the soil much better.

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