I received a “horns of wisdom” plant as a gift. I have looked on-line but have been unsuccessful in finding out how to care for it. I know it is a succulent, just need guidance on care and light, water, etc. for this plant. thanks

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From what I've found, this is actually a Sansevieria cylindrica, related to the old-fashioned 'Mother-In-Law's Tongue'. They are very tough plants and tolerant of most abuse EXCEPT too much water. Keep it on the dry side, watering only when the 'horns' or leaves show signs of puckering or if they become somewhat rubbery. This is a sign of slight wilting and is a safe time to water. Don't drown the plant at this time, but water is thoroughly and allow it to drain completely. Feeding is up to you because they'll survive with little or no additional fertilizer. If you decide to fertilize it, use a weak mixture of a house plant fertilizer.

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