How many sq. feet does 1 pallet of St. augustine grass cover and what is the process of planting for best results?

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One pallet is 50 square yards, or 450 square feet, if you plan to plant it solid. You should till into the soil all of the nutrients and amendments that you want the grass to grow in then level it, removing all low spots and hills. This will provide a nice, flat lawn that will look very nice when done. As you lay out each piece in a row, firmly push the end together so the spaces between the pieces of sod are minimized but keep each row staggered so that the joints are at different locations than the adjoining row. When done, you should roll the sod with a roller to assure firm contact between the roots and the underlying soil. You can usually rent these at a rental company. Then keep the new sod watered regularly and begin a fertilizing regimen after it is well-rooted into the new soil.

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Jose J GomezMay 12th, 2012 at 9:30 am

When the best time to plant San Agustine grass